My Issues

  • A Real Health Cae System for Vermont
    Vermont needs a single-payer, universal Health Care system financed by an income tax on all income generated in Vemont.
  • Biomass Fuel
    We need a biomass fuel economy in Vermont, with hemp grown for vegetable diesel fuel and waste vegetation fermented for ethanol. Biomass fuel is a triple win for Vermont. It will cut the pollution of petroleum products, provide the basis for many local businesses, and cut the cost of oil and gasoline in half.
  • Education
    I want to see Vemont schools today as good as were the one-room schools of sixty years ago.
  • Electoral reform
    We need IRV for instate voting and proportional allocation in the Electoral College. IRV offers Vermonters the best way to indicate their full preferences and at the same time to keep elections within the electoral process.
  • Taxes
    Taxes shouldn't be "high" or "low", but what is required to pay for what we need, and should be on real wealth.

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November 13, 2005


Peter Stevenson

Pat, I believe that young Vermonters are going to become alot more active in politics than they are accustomed to-starting next July-when there may well be a militery draft. I saw a debate on the draft which was covered by C-SPAN in which, both sides agreed on one thing, which was if there was not a significant change in the recruitment, we would have a militery draft by July of 2007. I wonder what "terrorist attack" might take place prior to that?

As far as whistleblower protecion, we would be better off praying to those who know too much, that they find the strength to tell what they know prior to their death. We have some severe corruption to deal with. Keep up the good work Pat-Peter.



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