My Issues

  • A Real Health Cae System for Vermont
    Vermont needs a single-payer, universal Health Care system financed by an income tax on all income generated in Vemont.
  • Biomass Fuel
    We need a biomass fuel economy in Vermont, with hemp grown for vegetable diesel fuel and waste vegetation fermented for ethanol. Biomass fuel is a triple win for Vermont. It will cut the pollution of petroleum products, provide the basis for many local businesses, and cut the cost of oil and gasoline in half.
  • Education
    I want to see Vemont schools today as good as were the one-room schools of sixty years ago.
  • Electoral reform
    We need IRV for instate voting and proportional allocation in the Electoral College. IRV offers Vermonters the best way to indicate their full preferences and at the same time to keep elections within the electoral process.
  • Taxes
    Taxes shouldn't be "high" or "low", but what is required to pay for what we need, and should be on real wealth.

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November 07, 2005



Thanks for coming all the way out there, Pat, and for bringing Morgan. It was great to meet you.


It was great to meet you, Pat. Sarah and I had a lot of fun too.

David R. Amos

----- Original Message -----
From: "McKnight, Gisele"
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 2:53 PM
Subject: David Amos

Hello Lisa,
David Amos asked me to contact you. I met him last June after he became an independent (not representing any political party) candidate in our federal election that was held June 28. He was a candidate in our constituency of Fundy (now called Fundy-Royal).
I wrote a profile story about him, as I did all other candidates. That story appeared in the Kings County Record June 22. A second story, written by one of my reporters, appeared on the same date, which was a report on the candidates' debate held June 18.
As I recall David Amos came last of four candidates in the election. The winner got 14,997 votes, while Amos got 358. I have attached the two stories that appeared, as well as a photo taken by reporter Erin Hatfield during the debate. I couldn't find the photo that ran, but this one is very similar.

Gisele McKnight editor
Kings County Record
Sussex, New Brunswick

Raising a Little Hell- Lively Debate Provokes Crowd
By Erin Hatfield
"If you don't like what you got, why don't you change it? If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it."
The 1979 Trooper song Raise a Little Hell blared on the speakers at the 8th Hussars Sports Center Friday evening as people filed in to watch the Fundy candidates debate the issues. It was an accurate, if unofficial, theme song for the debate.
The crowd of over 200 spectators was dwarfed by the huge arena, but as they chose their seats, it was clear the battle lines were drawn. Supporters of Conservative candidate Rob Moore naturally took the blue chairs on the right of the rink floor while John Herron's Liberalswent left. There were splashes of orange, supporters of NDP Pat Hanratty, mixed throughout. Perhaps the loudest applause came from a row towards the back, where supporters of independent candidate David Amos sat.
The debate was moderated by Leo Melanson of CJCW Radio and was organized by the Sussex Valley Jaycees. Candidates wereasked a barrage of questions bypanelists Gisele McKnight of the Kings County Record and Lisa Spencer of CJCW.
Staying true to party platforms for the most part, candidates responded to questions about the gun registry, same sex marriage, the exodus of young people from the Maritimes and regulated gas prices. Herron and Moore were clear competitors,constantly challenging each other on their answers and criticizing eachothers’ party leaders. Hanratty flew under the radar, giving short, concise responses to the questions while Amos provided some food for thought and a bit of comic relief with quirky answers. "I was raised with a gun," Amos said in response to the question of thenational gun registry. "Nobody's getting mine and I'm not paying 10 cents for it."
Herron, a Progressive Conservative MP turned Liberal, veered from his party'splatform with regard to gun control. "It was ill advised but well intentioned," Herron said. "No matter what side of the house I am on, I'm voting against it." Pat Hanratty agreed there were better places for the gun registry dollars to be spent.Recreational hunters shouldn't have been penalized by this gun registry," he said.
The gun registry issues provoked the tempers of Herron and Moore. At one point Herron got out of his seat and threw a piece of paper in front of Moore. "Read that," Herron said to Moore, referring to the voting record of Conservative Party leader Steven Harper. According to Herron, Harper voted in favour of the registry on the first and second readings of the bill in 1995. "He voted against it when it counted, at final count," Moore said. "We needa government with courage to register sex offenders rather than register the property of law abiding citizens."
The crowd was vocal throughout the evening, with white haired men and women heckling from the Conservative side. "Shut up John," one woman yelled. "How can you talk about selling out?" a man yelled whenHerron spoke about his fear that the Conservatives are selling farmers out.
Although the Liberal side was less vocal, Kings East MLA Leroy Armstrong weighed in at one point. "You’re out of touch," Armstrong yelled to Moore from the crowd when the debate turned to the cost of post-secondary education. Later in the evening Amos challenged Armstrong to a public debate of their own. "Talk is cheap. Any time, anyplace," Armstrong responded.
As the crowd made its way out of the building following the debate, candidates worked the room. They shook hands with well-wishers and fielded questions from spectators-all part of the decision-making process for the June 28 vote.
Cutline – David Amos, independent candidate in Fundy, with some of his favourite possessions—motorcycles.

The Unconventional Candidate
David Amos Isn’t Campaigning For Your Vote, But….
By Gisele McKnight
FUNDY—He has a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, a chain on his wallet, a beard at least a foot long, 60 motorcycles and a cell phone that rings to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."
Meet the latest addition to the Fundy ballot—David Amos.
The independent candidate lives in Milton, Massachusetts with his wife and two children, but his place of residence does not stop him from running for office in Canada.
One has only to be at least 18, a Canadian citizen and not be in jail to meet Elections Canada requirements.
When it came time to launch his political crusade, Amos chose his favourite place to do so—Fundy.
Amos, 52, is running for political office because of his dissatisfaction with politicians.
"I’ve become aware of much corruption involving our two countries," he said. "The only way to fix corruption is in the political forum."
The journey that eventually led Amos to politics began in Sussex in 1987. He woke up one morning disillusioned with life and decided he needed to change his life.
"I lost my faith in mankind," he said. "People go through that sometimes in midlife."
So Amos, who’d lived in Sussex since 1973, closed his Four Corners motorcycle shop, paid his bills and hit the road with Annie, his 1952 Panhead motorcycle.
"Annie and I rode around for awhile (three years, to be exact) experiencing the milk of human kindness," he said. "This is how you renew your faith in mankind – you help anyone you can, you never ask for anything, but you take what they offer."
For those three years, they offered food, a place to sleep, odd jobs and conversation all over North America.
Since he and Annie stopped wandering, he has married, fathered a son and a daughter and become a house-husband – Mr. Mom, as he calls himself.
He also describes himself in far more colourful terms—a motorcyclist rather than a biker, a "fun-loving, free-thinking, pig-headed individual," a "pissed-off Maritimer" rather than an activist, a proud Canadian and a "wild colonial boy."
Ironically, the man who is running for office has never voted in his life.
"But I have no right to criticize unless I offer my name," he said. "It’s alright to bitch in the kitchen, but can you walk the walk?"
Amos has no intention of actively campaigning.
"I didn’t appreciate it when they (politicians) pounded on my door interrupting my dinner," he said. "If people are interested, they can call me. I’m not going to drive my opinions down their throats."
And he has no campaign budget, nor does he want one.
"I won’t take any donations," he said. "Just try to give me some. It’s not about money. It goes against what I’m fighting about."
What he’s fighting for is the discussion of issues – tainted blood, the exploitation of the Maritimes’ gas and oil reserves and NAFTA, to name a few.
"The political issues in the Maritimes involve the three Fs – fishing, farming and forestry, but they forget foreign issues," he said. "I’m death on NAFTA, the back room deals and free trade. I say chuck it (NAFTA) out the window.
NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement which allows an easier flow of goods between Canada, the United States and Mexico.
Amos disagrees with the idea that a vote for him is a wasted vote.
"There are no wasted votes," he said. "I want people like me, especially young people, to pay attention and exercise their right. Don’t necessarily vote for me, but vote."
Although…if you’re going to vote anyway, Amos would be happy to have your X by his name.
"I want people to go into that voting booth, see my name, laugh and say, ‘what the hell.’"

) DOCKET NO. 0407CR004623
v. )
Now comes, David R. Amos, a Citizen of Canada and a Legal Permanent Resident of the USA and asserts his Constitutional Rights pursuant to Title 42 Sections 1981, 1982, 1985 and 1986 of the Federal Code and freely swears under the penalties of perjury that the following statements are true and to the best of his knowledge.
On September 3rd, 2004 I returned to the USA and stood before the Dorchester District Court in response to a summons served upon my home in Milton MA dated August 13th, 2004.
On September 3rd, 2004 I reported to the probation officer as ordered after he joked and made fun of me he directed me to serve upon the District Attorney the many original wiretap tapes that I had promised I would bring to court and ask if they wished to continue. The District Attorney Office wished to prosecute me so I returned to the probation office and the required documentation was filled out. I did not discuss the matter with anyone working for the Commonwealth on Septmber 3rd or since that time other than register my indignation about the lack of diligence, professional behavior and malicious acts practiced against me in an effort to impeach my character.
On September 3rd, 2004, before any hearing of the matter began I protested the fact that the Clerk Buckley had claimed that I was pleading not guilty. I had made no plea whatsoever. I refused to waive any of my Rights and I demanded that the court prove its jurisdiction to hear the matter.
For over a period of almost three months I had tried to resolve the issues of this matter with the Clerk’s Office of this court, the Boston Police Dept., the Police Commissioner, the City’s Legal Dept. the Mayor’s office, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, The Governor’s Office, the US Ambassador to Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. CSIS and the Canadian Consulate in Boston. I was refused the right to know what the allegations against me were and no one would discuss my concerns about the possibility of foul play. I knew I had done nothing wrong and I had fully disclosed the circumstances to the Suffolk County District Attorney as Chief Justice Robert A. Mulligan had suggested. I had received an answer from the DA weeks before he was willing to prosecute me on false charges. I had no understanding of the matter. I had not been given information to work with and no one would speak to me. If the District Attorney Daniel F. Conley had acted ethically and diligently the lawyer, Angel Troccoli and her cohorts within the law firm of Dane M. Shulman should have been the ones charged with criminal actions against me.
On September 3rd after the hearing and another hearing was marked for today October 1st, Judge Coffey ordered ADA attempting to prosecute me to give me a copy of the documents that I was entitled to view. In return I gave her my Canadian contact number so that we may confer about this matter. I then returned to Canada to defend my rights and freedom. The ADA never called. I was not surprised because upon viewing the material provided I discovered that there is in fact no complaint against me.
The complaint in this matter is not signed or witnessed by anyone. Apparently the DA did not expect me to make it to court on September 3rd and certainly did not wish to discuss it with Canadian authorities. I now consider the DA Conley to be just another corrupt politician just like Tom Finneran and further proof of why it was so necessary for me to go to Canada and run for Parliament in order to speak in a public forum of my knowledge of public corruption. I gave all the crooks to the last possible minute for one to act ethically and uphold the Public Trust. All I got in return was continued harassment with the little perk of Colonel Foley quitting his job before I left and Tom Finneran quitting his as soon as I got back. It appears that I must complain of the Queen and President Bush if no one in public service is willing to uphold the law and act within the scope of their employment.
For the record I must state the reason I was alarmed by this malicious action against me. The fact is it was the Trail Court of Massachusetts on April 1st, 2003 that had made false allegations against me to agents of the DHS claiming that I had threatened the life of George W. Bush. Now the same court was demanding that I return to the USA to stand in court and answer charges it knew to be false the morning after the President’s big Political Speech in New York. I had no doubt whatsoever that the DHS would pounce on me at the border and use a policy of rather than safe than sorry upon me and take me away for the benefit of many a low man in high places. The RCMP would do nothing to protect me and in fact attempted to run me out of Canada on Sept 2nd That was the very day of the Republican National Convention was much in the news about protests and presidential propaganda. In order to be of no possible threat to the President I was compelled to come to the USA after the President left New York and drive all night in order to appear in court on the morning of the 3rd.
The most alarming fact of all is that everybody knows that I am bounty hunting for Whitey Bulger. The order to come to his old stomping grounds and amongst his friends by the same corrupt justice system that allowed him to practice his criminal behavior for so long and then allow him to escape justice is indeed a very malicious summons.
April 1st, 2003 was also the only day that I ever met with the lawyer, Angela Troccoli before Sept 3rd. I argued her before Judge Livingstone in Plymouth Probate Court. I have argued her again in Norfolk Probate Court on Sept. 21st, 2004. That court found it necessary for no stated reason to place six court guards around me. I am far more than a mere acquaintance to her but obviously a rather formidable litigant against her criminal actions. I did send her emails asking her to ask her clients to stop harassing me with attached photos of the proof. The emails were necessary because she would not return my phone calls and sent my correspondence to her partner Dane M. Shulman to Barry Bachrach claiming that I was his client. I am not and never was. Mr. Bachrach had informed Troccoli many times that he only represented my wife, Jean F. O’Meara because the court had Stricken my right to do so pursuant to M.G.L 201B.
Barry Bachrach has now withdrawn from all of my wife’s matters with my assent because of a conflict of interests over one of his partners and myself about a fraudulent Title V inspection. However he is an important witness to be called because he has complete knowledge of all my contact with Troccoli during the time frame that I have been accused.
Barry Bachrach also has several original wiretap tapes in his possession in case the ones given to the District Attorney have disappeared like so much of my other material has.
On April 1st, 2003 I became aware that Troccoli and the Massachusetts Trial Court had practiced fraud against me and had created a Notice of Appearance in my name with a false document in order to strike me and cover up their own wrongs.
On April 1st, 2003 I had also spoken to a Judge in Quincy District Court in my best effort to have the court place a restraining order against my brother in laws William, Robert and Brian O’Meara in my name because after I had tried to do so a few days before in my wife’s name under her Durable Power of Attorney the court laughed at me and denied it. Within a day of my first appearance in Quincy District Court William O’Meara called my wife at her work and implied that the homes would burn down and he was willing to pay the insurance premiums. Those same insurance premiums were continued to be paid by us and one policy was canceled over one month after the property in Plymouth was destroyed by Troccoli clients. The Plymouth Probate Court called a Trial quickly with no notification to the litigants after Sept 3rd and on September 9th it authorized a very fraudulent real estate sale about a property that had been illegally destroyed for five months.
The lawyer Troccoli and the Massachusetts Trial Court have been assisting the criminal actions of my brother in laws and many others in order to protect the interests of many lawyers and politicians from my actions in other courts.
My wife’s family have forged her signature on a Purchase and Sale Agreement, created fraudulent Title V inspection, broke into our home, assited in the theft of her rightful inheritance, stolen personal property and food, made false allegations against me in other states, threatened to burn down the homes and harassed us on sometimes a daily basis with the knowledge and assistance of several Police Departments. It is time we sought relief.
Whereas two of my most recent documents have disappeared from the Public Record in two countries I have attached them to this affidavit for the court and the public to view. Exhibit A is a Motion to Dismiss Troccoli’s latest malicious action. It was filed on September 13th, 2004 and stricken from the Public Record by Judge Langlois on September 21st. Exhibit B is a copy of two letters with the same enclosures that were sent to the RCMP in Newfoundland byway of the Canada Post and one was sent to the Canadian Consulate by US Mail. Both mailings were tracked and not received. They are obviously now in the possession of some sort of secret authority. As the court views these documents it can easily see what I say is true and my material is of no concern for the public safety. They are filed in the public record for the benefit of all in my best effort to see that the Public Trust is upheld. I have also brought to court a case of documents requested by Utica Mutual Insurance Company of New York to investigate the actions of their client Jan Whiting. However once they knew the truth they refused to accept or pay for what they had requested. If the court deems it necessary I shall file it into evidence to refute the false allegations made against me.
Since I have last appeared in this court a great deal has transpired that cannot be told of within this affidavit but it concerns the pursuit of justice for many people in two counties. Much has been done by many to stop my friends and I in revealing the truth of our concerns. Thus far we have been able to thwart our adverasies actions. The court should pray that it does not get our blood on its hands. The proof of some of what I state can be found in Exhibit B.
Signed before the court and
under the Pains and
Penalties of Perjury by
Dated October 1st , 2004 David R.Amos, Pro Se
153 Alvin Ave.
Milton, MA. 02186
617 698-6549

Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 07:31:06 -0800 (PST)
From: David Amos
Subject: I am on the phone to you two right now may I suggest that you not ignore me anymore

416.865.7380 John A. Terry
416.865.7317John B. Laskin

Law firm set to pay $30M settlement to Hollinger News Staff
One of Canada's most prominent law firms has tentatively agreed to pay at least $30 million US in a settlement to Hollinger International Inc. for its role in deals that saw Conrad Black and some of his deputies pocket millions of dollars.
The Globe and Mail reports that Tory's LLP could be about to make one of the largest payments ever made by a law firm to settle allegations that it failed to act in a client's best interests.
Sources told The Globe that the two sides are working on drafting documents for the agreement and that Hollinger International could announce the lucrative settlement as early as next week.
A spokesman for Chicago-based Hollinger International declined to comment and a spokesman for Torys did not return phone calls, The Globe reports.
Torys has 330 lawyers in Toronto and New York. It's unclear whether the firm's partners will have to personally contribute to the payout.
Torys is a member of a private insurance exchange that is funded by a number of other major Canadian law firms and reinsured by a variety of insurance companies.
It is believed that the exchange, called the Canadian Lawyers Liability Assurance Society, has enough funds and insurance coverage to absorb most of the settlement costs.
The payout will be a huge public relations blow for Torys, but rival law firms said the firm's strong reputation and blue-chip corporate clients, including Brookfield Asset Management Inc., Rogers Communications Inc. and Thomson Corp., should help it pull through.
"This settlement allows the firm to put all the controversy behind it so that it can carry on," a senior official with a rival law firm told The Globe.
It's believed that Hollinger International notified Torys in writing of its intention to launch a suit against the firm on the grounds that it failed to act in the company's best interests during transactions that enriched Black.
Torys was Hollinger International's chief law firm from 1999 until Black resigned from the company in 2003, when the company parted ways with the law firm.
The allegations centre on the multiple roles Torys played as an adviser to Hollinger International and two of Black's holding companies when Hollinger International sold $2.1 billion US of assets to CanWest Global Communications Corp. in 2000.
It's very unusual for law firms to simultaneously advise separate parties during a transaction, without client consent, because of the perceived difficulties in demonstrating undivided loyalty to more than one client.
Sources told The Globe that Torys allegedly failed to inform Hollinger International that it was also advising Black's companies, Ravelston Corp. and Hollinger Inc., during the CanWest transaction.
Hollinger International has criticized Torys for not alerting them that $51.8-million of proceeds from the CanWest sale was transferred to Black, his private holding company and three of his deputies.
The personal payments are the subject of criminal charges levelled against Black and some of his former colleagues by the U.S. Department of Justice earlier this month.
It is also understood that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing Torys' role in the CanWest transaction as part of a broader examination of Hollinger International's disclosure practices.
Large personal payments are usually required to be disclosed to shareholders on a timely basis.
But the $51.8 million US of transfers to Black and his executives were only publicly revealed when a U.S. law firm spotted the unusual transfers in 2002 -- six months after the CanWest deal was completed.
In a report last year, a special committee of Hollinger International directors criticized Torys and the company's auditor KPMG for failing to alert the board about a number of questionable transactions involving Black.
Torys has also been named in a Canadian class-action suit that alleges Torys, Black, KPMG and others failed in their duty to protect the interests of Hollinger International shareholders.

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 17:41:39 -0800 (PST)
From: David Amos
Subject: So it is Xmas EH? Say hey to the Maritimer Landslide Annie for me. Will ya?

So it is Xmas EH? Say hey to the Maritimer Landslide Annie for me. Will ya?
As your Boss and his Deputy Dog brag and Landslide Annie squeaks and bitches on Cpac right now. I press send and prepare to run again. Methinks Landslide Annie will never get elected again. Do you. I know for a fact that I am the one that has got her so upset. It is all over but the crying now. Read on then press print on the attached Tiff file and the light may dawn on your Marbleheads out west. She talks of a Global connected world and asks us to choose between to crooks. The money grubbing lawyer Paul Martin or your evil Bush supporting right wing boss Harper. I sincerely hope that not one of you gets to take a seat in the New Year in the 39th Parliament.
In my humble opinion you lapdogs for Bush all have failed the Canadian people in your obligation to uphold the public trust and protect our common interests. Harper proved to all he was willing to make backroom deals with Humpty Dumpty as soon as he had Clarkson, the Queen’s malevolent spendthrift alter her speech from the throne in order to have Martin agree to the Yankee missile defence scheme.
The 38th Parliament should never have taken its seat if any Member of Parliament had used the evidence of crime I provided them. You Conservative MPs who demand integrity of liberals should have helped me to impeach George Bush and Paul Martin out of the gate last year. Stevey Boy Harper should not have been surprised when the old lawyer Martin went back on his word after he got his way and was allowed to buy as many favours as possible with the hard earned taxpayer dime. Even the nasty Connie Rice got huffy about that. Petey Baby MacKay proved to all the PC’s and the Westerner David Orchard years ago that a lawyer’s words ain’t worth a damn even when he puts them in writing. Didn’t he? Not all Maritimers are honourable. However not all Maritimers are defeatists either as your Boss Harper likes to suggest. Many Maritimers know better than to trust lawyers especially ones such as Petey Baby MacKay and Johnny Crosbie particularly when they seek the counsel of the crook, Brian Mulroney.
All that said I must thank you for the opportunity to run for Parliament again and speak about your malice whilst I sue the Crown. You fine and fancy folks are one year too later but better late than never EH?
Should I say Merry Xmass to all and to all a Good Night? Naw. Bah humbug works better for me I sincerely hope to Cya’ll in Court real soon. In a court of law each and everyone of you can be held accountable. The Canadian government certainly needs to be changed but none of you have earned the right to bring it about. None of you should feel blessed to follow a leader such as Harper. I hope it is a wash and many other people will fill your seats. Many amongst them there will be an ethical few. Here’s hoping I am allowed to prove in court in the New Year what I know to be true about all of you.
Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

David R. Amos

May 11th, 2005

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Allan Rock
One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
885 Second Avenue , 14th Floor
New York , NY 10017

Ambassador Franky McKenna
Canadian Embassy
501 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001

Assistant Director Louis M. Reigel III
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Special Agent David Price
FBI Minneapolis
Suite 1100
111 Washington Avenue, South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2176

RE: Rampant Public Corruption in Canada and the USA
Now that Paul Martin has finally set the date for his confidence vote, methinks its time to pack my bags and head for home. I must raise some serious political hell in the Maritimes before the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does its worst to bankrupt my wife and put my kids on the street before I can expose the rampant public corruption. This is also a very good day to prove within the USA that we are well aware of each other and of my concerns and allegations in order to stress test the integrity of the US Mail. It and the Canada Post have failed me big time in recent years particularly just before the Yankees falsely imprisoned me last year for the benefit of George W. Bush, John Kerry and Paul Martin to name a few. I have no doubt whatsoever each of you dudes know more about me than I do about you. However that does not mean that I have not studied each of you a lot more than the ordinary layman. Just so we are clear, I have no respect for any of you. I know that all of you are as crooked as Chief Mearn, his cops and the lawyers who are coming into our home tomorrow without a warrant. This mail should prove your malice and willingness to support crime and public corruption.
Pursuant to my many emails, phone calls and faxes etc., you will find enclosed as promised exactly the same material I served upon the Solicitor Generals Teddy Olson and landslide Annie McLellan last year before I ran for Parliament last year. The CD of the copy of wiretap tape # 139 is served upon you as officers of the court and FBI Agents in order that it may be properly investigated. Franky got this stuff and more last year. The FBI got even more the year before. Perhaps they should go find the original tapes that the Suffolk County District Attorney and Special Agent in Charge Ken Kaiser have been playing dumb about for far too long. This material was good enough to impeach George W. Bush last year and cause many people to quit or lose their jobs. It is every bit as valuable today and you all know it. Ask the many people whose names can be found within these documents or Franky Boy or Claude Richer, Allan Rock’s lawyer buddy in the RCMP about this stuff before you call me a liar. As you all know I am out of jail on bail pending my upcoming criminal trial in front of a jury of my peers. I have the right to remain silent in the USA. I will employ different rights in Canada and say a lot.
What I choose to say while stumping for a seat in Parliament in Canada is of my concern not yours. If you dudes do your jobs here and I act ethically and legally up home with luck the world will be far better off in short order. I have already checked the rules with the people working for Elections Canada. We agree it is perfectly legal for an innocent man to run for Parliament while being prosecuted with false charges in the wrong jurisdiction and venue in the USA. Everybody knows I can secure my personal freedom quicker in a political forum in Canada rather than argue crooked judges in the USA. They have already imprisoned me on bullshit charges without even reading me my rights or telling me why I was in jail. The crooks are not going to have a sudden fit of ethical behavior now without it becoming a matter of political will. We all know it is high time for a change, the sooner the better for the Maritimes as well as the rest of the world. What better politician to argue with than a right wing lawyer named Rob Moore?
As you all no doubt know I have been talking to many people within the UN and have sent many much of my stuff. You all must have laughed as hard as I did when the Cubans were afraid to talk about my stuff. I must agree with George Bush about one thing. The UN is certainly in need of an overhaul. Yet we all know that nasty dudes like Maurice Strong’s buddy, Paul A. Volcker, the Former North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission and Karl Rove’s puppet, John Bolton are just going to make matters worse. The same holds true with the turncoat Robert C. Pozen. He now offers advice to Bush on how to fix Social Security simply because I sent him running for cover with my Putnam Investment concerns and the malevolent media control of Global Corporations. Feel free to argue me or act ethically. You choose. I don’t care. Franky Boy knows he is way past too late. I am just rubbing his nose it before I talk a lot about him and his failure to uphold the public trust in our old stomping grounds up home. I can’t help but wonder how he explained his “Harper is a lapdog for Bush” dogma to Karl Rove and his nasty cohorts. I suspect it was an allowed comment from an insider of the Carlyle Group. Don’t you? We all know Stephen Harper would never fit in that group. He is as dumb as a post. All of his successes playing at politicking have just been a matter of luck and playing on the PC and Liberal scandals. Harper is kinda scary to me. He has a truly awful agenda in store for all Canadians like evil old T. Alex Hickman and Johnny Crosbie did for our Newfys.
Sometimes less is more. So in conclusion I will just quote former Inspector General of the DHS Clark Kent Irwin and simply say it would have benefited all if he had taken his own advice way back in November of 2003 when he had an important job.
POGO: “Any advice for your fellow public servants?”
Irwin: “Well, just do your job and let the political chips fall where they may. Unless you’re willing to do that, it seems to me you shouldn’t take the job in the first place.”
What say you?
Cya’ll in Court
David R. Amos
153 Alvin Ave.
Milton MA. 02186

They got their mail now. Check for yourself

USPS Track & Confirm

Current Status

You entered 0302 1790 0001 6045 6592

We attempted to deliver your item at 6:58 am on May 14, 2005 in MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55401 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

Here is what happened earlier:
ACCEPTANCE, May 12, 2005, 9:30 am, QUINCY, MA 02169

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We attempted to deliver your item at 8:04 am on May 14, 2005 in NEW YORK, NY 10017 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

Here is what happened earlier:
ACCEPTANCE, May 12, 2005, 9:32 am, QUINCY, MA 02169

Current Status

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Posted by: David R. Amos | May 18, 2005 05:48 PM

Morgan W. Brown

comment spam anyone?! it certainly took me a while to scroll down through all that. ugh! the previous "commenter" should write a book, as he definitely appears to be on his way to doing just that! ;->

David R. Amos

That is an understatement

A Friend

To Whom It May Concern;

Beware David Amos. He is dangerously mentally ill and a danger to anyone who disagrees with him.

A Friend

David R. Amos

Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 09:55:05 -0800 (PST)
From: David Amos
Subject: Tisk Tisk slander is slander particularly in the USA EH?

I notice the corrupt dudes at CBC have been remaining true to course and ignoring me as usual.
Surprise surprise Nodice did not
Last but not least the Queen says it is so.

Obviously after a bit of a struggle Kingsley's crowd finally allowed me on the ballot in Frederiction much to the chagrin of about seventy or so people who nominated me that Elections Canada claimed had no right to vote. I kinda figured that it would be a battle so I got many more signatures that they could not deny so easily. I must say you crooked politicians play wicked games even at Xmas time EH? Rest assured I am ready to play your wicked game. You nasty dudes can call a pious truce at Xmas time but that rule don't hold for me. I ain't religoius and belong to no party whatsoever. However at least I understand the word integrity.
Methinks this person in Nova Scotia who ain't quite certain whether he is a man or a woman made a big mistake calling me dangerously mentally ill EH?
Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

To Whom It May Concern;
Beware David Amos. He is dangerously mentally ill and a danger to anyone who disagrees with him.
A Friend
Posted by: A Friend | December 17, 2005 at 10:03 PM

Apartment 97 - Deb

I went on-line two years ago and my family hasn't seen me since! I've been learning about and creating my first home page for the last several weeks and am quite proud of the results. In real life I'm a stay-at-home Mom, but do take the time to write political commentary and when I'm feeling flighty I take a spin on my in-line skates.
Michael Morash - 10/28/98 23:39:45
Where I Live: Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Age: 42
Years as a fan: 42
Favorite song: Early Morning Rain
Favorite album or CD: All of them!

Michael Morash
Peggys Cove, NS B0J 2N0
(902) 823-2562


David Amos would like everyone to beleive he is a threat. He's a bag of wind. The whole world is wrong,,,,,,,,,,he is the only one who is right.This is his full time job,BSing everyone.




David Amos just threatenned to sue me.. cha-ching!

And all I did was answer a phone!



I Love you girls




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