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  • A Real Health Cae System for Vermont
    Vermont needs a single-payer, universal Health Care system financed by an income tax on all income generated in Vemont.
  • Biomass Fuel
    We need a biomass fuel economy in Vermont, with hemp grown for vegetable diesel fuel and waste vegetation fermented for ethanol. Biomass fuel is a triple win for Vermont. It will cut the pollution of petroleum products, provide the basis for many local businesses, and cut the cost of oil and gasoline in half.
  • Education
    I want to see Vemont schools today as good as were the one-room schools of sixty years ago.
  • Electoral reform
    We need IRV for instate voting and proportional allocation in the Electoral College. IRV offers Vermonters the best way to indicate their full preferences and at the same time to keep elections within the electoral process.
  • Taxes
    Taxes shouldn't be "high" or "low", but what is required to pay for what we need, and should be on real wealth.

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July 12, 2005



Yeah Pat, I ended up staying up late last night and did not manage to go to bed until early this morning. Prior to doing so however, I check the Times Argus site and came across that particular article. Unbelievable that not only could someone do that in little old Barre, but that with all the problems as well as history with Highgate in the past, that nothing has changed up there and have only gotten worse because it is (and, especially those living there are) not a priority to those who job it is to ensure their safety. They should have stuff in place long ago, which would have most likely put a stop to certain things long ago if people had a mind to do so anyway. Whoever did this, knew that they could most likely easily get away with it and it appears they most likely will too. If the various powers to be had no other choice but to live at Highgate, you can bet nothing like that would so easily take place and, if it did, they would really pull out all of the stops when it did; yet that said, they would have done something before, when some of the other stuff was going down, prior to this latest horrible incident. It seems to me anyway, that the various powers to be have been deliberately indifferent concerning too much for way too long when it comes to the residents of Highgate as well as their needs, personal property and safety, etc.



By the way, for the readers of this blog of Pat's who have not already come across the article in question yet, it is available online at:
[complete with photo('s); via Times Argus].


Below is the link to a follow-up article on the subject for those who have not already come across it yet:

Federal agents join Barre's bomb probe (July 13, 2005)
[via Times Argus]

Peter Stevenson

Hey Pat, for what it's worth, I would bet this bombing is the result of a drug deal that went bad. This stuff happens all the time. If this crime remains unsolved I will bet my bank balance that either the dealer or the disgruntled customer have ties to law enforcement.
Remember the two women who were murdered within a short time of one another? One turned up in a shallow grave in Granville while the other was found in Burlington? Is it the case that one can get away with murder in Vermont or perhaps one of the players had connections to law enforcement? Rumor has it that the latter may be the case. This kind of thing happened in the days of prohibition due to the corrupting influence of easy money. Keep 'em coming.

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